Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Missing from Colony Farm

A patient of the forensic facility at Colony Farm has gone missing.
Coquitlam RCMP seek missing Colony Farm patient
Coquitlam RCMP website: David Fomradas missing from Colony Farm
and a possible partial explanation for his absence, was printed in today's Province
Mentally ill carjacker likely stressed out by victims’ lawsuit

And another patient, Gregory Owen Schleen goes missing:
 Second patient escapes from Colony Farm

UPDATE: Both are still missing as of June 23.
Patients still missing from Forensic
  Hospital completes first of two reviews and may soon issue more unescorted day passes

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heritage Conservation Planning process

 UPDATE: After widespread condemnation over the very short time being given to the HCP process, the facilitators have relented and added two more "Drop-in Workshops", so that the public can comment.
Province adds two meeting dates to Riverview Hospital planning process

Myself along with over 38 concerned citizens went to the Riverview Lands Advisory Committee meeting on May 15, 2012, usually held in a committee room, but the Chair decided to adjourn to the Council chambers because of the large turnout.

     Chairman is Craig Hodge  and Vice-chair is Neal Nicholson  both were present.
Craig Hodge and Neal Nicholson had a tour last Friday of Riverview through some of the buildings with MLA, Doug Horne  facilitating this tour, since that was only way that they could do it.
Even though Riverview is in MLA, Diane Thorne's riding!

Two councilors were also present Linda Reimer, and Selina Robinson, along with Mayor, Richard Stewart. 
The main theme of this meeting was the presentation, launch of the 
Heritage Conservation Planning, (HCP) process by two Government employees, and Denise Cook a private contractor who won the $95,000 bid to facilitate the process, who mentioned that she and three others have been doing interviews since February!. This HCP will aid in the early stages of the proposed redevelopment process. They have created a webpage Riverviewvalues which also provides meeting dates, where the public can provide input, and an online questionnaire.
Greg Hamilton Real Estate Services of Shared Services, is ongoing in negotiating with First Nations, and other user groups.
He mentioned that at the present time it costs five to six million dollars per year to maintain the property.  Greg Hamilton also mentioned the the steam plant is problematic, and it provides heat for many of the larger buildings at this time. If they decide to shut down this plant the buildings will rapidly deteriorate.
This HCP is to be finished by September, a very short time indeed!

Heritage branch are not advocates, just facilitators. To aid in this process the Heritage branch spokeswoman recommended to read a Federal Government publication: Standards and Guidelines 
You can download it HERE (10.4 Mb. PDF)
Even though this publication does not follow the exact process the present Provincial government is using!
And also to peruse  Conservation Planning Methodology (503Kb. PDF) created by the Heritage Branch
She stressed the driving force is the social values of the site, and not necessarily the buildings, landscaping as it was in the past when designating heritage sites.

In aid of this process the facilitators have created a webpage: Riverviewvalues 
 where a questionnaire is provided soliciting input from YOU.
And a online workshop (which is supposed to be active on May 19)
   E-mail Riverview Values    (And tell them how to improve the process !)

The NOW newspaper reporting: 
Anger over heritage plan.  Meetings about Riverview too rushed: critics.
The NOW also has a poll on their front page. What should be the future of the Riverview Hospital site?
And the Tri-City NewsNot much notice for public input on Riverview, committee says
And essentially the same article from The Now has been reprinted in The Province; Anger over rushed consultations on future of Coquitlam's Riverview Hospital lands  with more pictures, and at least a person can post a comment there.

Further information
Riverview property updates
                  Site access
Shared Services facility manager for Riverview:
   Dale Shields phone:604-927-4003 cell: 604-315-5643  E-mail Dale Shields

Friday, May 4, 2012

May 2012

Yikes! The time has come to get out to any meetings that pertain to the site, and voice your concerns, (in some of them anyway!)

NEEDED! Could you be available on Tuesday, May 15 at 2 pm to help us convey a message to the government about the Riverview Lands?

There is a meeting of the Coquitlam City Riverview Lands Advisory Committee at  (2 - 4 pm), in the Committee Room at Coquitlam City Hall.  Representatives from the Provincial Government will attend to discuss their plans for Riverview after the hospital closes in July of this year. 
Meetings are open to members the public to observe but not to speak; but a large body count speaks volumes!.

Riverview Lands Heritage Conservation Planning
Public Drop-in Workshops
May 22, 2012 4:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
The Outlet - Work Room, Port Coquitlam

May 23, 2012 4:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Executive Plaza Hotel - Aspen Room, Coquitlam

Open House
June 11, 2012 4:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Mabbett Room, Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex, Port Coquitlam

June 12, 2012 4:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Centennial Room, Coquitlam Recreation Centre, Coquitlam

These are being hosted by:
big think communications inc. ( Warning ! Java )

Save the Riverview Hospital lands

The Riverview Hospital lands, are under pressure to be developed into market housing. Help to save the lands as a healing sanctuary for the mentally ill of OUR Province.

Please join the Riverview Horticultural Centre Society,( RHCS ) Facebook page. Twitter too!

Please sign the On-line petition or download a Word document petition ,which is a more official type of petition.
Blogs, about the hospital grounds
Mike Farnworth,MLA; Facebook forum " Protect the Riverview Lands"
And another Facebook group: Riverview Preservation Society
this group also has a petition to sign.

Click-able Map of the Riverview site

BISCO -- Brookside-Leeside-Roadside -- Centre Lawn -- Colony Farm
Crease Clinic -- East Lawn -- Essondale Hospital
Finnie's Garden -- Henry Esson Young -- Hillside unit
Home for the Aged-Valleyview -- North Lawn
Nurses homes -- Pennington Hall -- TreeFest -- West Lawn
John Davidson; "Botany John" blog. He was the first Provincial Botanist, who created British Columbia's first Botanical Garden at Riverview.
Other groups involved Riverview Horticultural Centre Society
Who also have a media NEWS Blog
You can also download a 42 page report titled, For the future of Riverview created by the Riverview Task Force.
Or Burke Mountain Naturalists, report: The Riverview Hospital Site, Respecting its Past,Realizing its Future
Coquitlam has designated the buildings and grounds, as a heritage site.
Download the Statement of Significance; SoS report PDF

Tour through the grounds

Paul Buikema, of Progress Landscaping, created this video.

Treefest 2011 slideshow

A slideshow of images from the Tree festival of 2011. Created in HD. Enjoy.

Riverview trees

Finnie's Garden -- slideshow

Finnie's Garden -- Pond restoration slideshow

TreeFest -- slideshow