Sunday, October 3, 2010

Media for October 2010

Media for October,many from the previous month. I will add more as the month progresses.

reply to article : Riverview deserves heritage designation

A 12 ½ minutes film entitled Bedlam part 2, is being shown at the David Lam campus of Douglas College on Monday, 25th at 5:30pm.  It shows old footage of the hospital before medication was widely used, hence the title of Bedlam.
Anna Tremere, founder of the Riverview Hosp. Historical Soc., and who also runs the museum, will be there, along with a nurse who was there at the age of 16 in 1945, and again from 1973 - 1988.
Documentary portrays life at Essondale  ( article in the Now newspaper about Bedlam )
Douglas doc on Riverview premieres Monday  ( article from the Tri-City News about Bedlam )

A packed house, and very well received premiere showing, including an extensive display of artifacts, photographs from the Riverview Museum. Great short almost 13 minute documentary of some of the situations a former nurse found herself in.

The Riverview Horticultural Centre Society, now has a Facebook page

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treefest and news for September

The focus of this years Treefest is the history. Be there, or be normal!
A few newspaper articles;

Treefest features Riverview's trees and history

Treefest artist shares food and friendship in her home

GREEN SCENE: Celebrate trees and Riverview's amazing history

What’s the hold-up?, Riverview backers ask.

( Riverview Horticultural Centre Society, RHCS; Wondering why the Province has not agreed to a historic designation, for the Riverview site.)

A letter to the Province editor, from a resident of Riverview, nice to hear their thoughts.

And a reply letter, from a member of the public.

The Riverview Horticultural Centre Society,(RHCS) now has a Facebook page. Please Join, pleeeaaassse.

Families say budget cuts are forcing closures of group homes for disabled.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 2010 news

From the Tyee: Protect Us from Assaults, Say Psyche Nurses
BC mental health workers and their unions pressing for new safety measures.

Vancouver Youville Residence seniors worry about incoming Riverview Hospital patients

And from the Cowichan District: Cowichan Lodge’s future decided, but questions remain

But wait there is more: Shuffling around elderly and mentally ill causes confusion

Probably more situations like these in the coming months.....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Note sent to staff

From the; BC Mental Health and Addiction Services

Riverview Hospital Redevelopment Project Update

June 28, 2010 - To all RVH Staff & Physicians

What’s new since the last update:

A Riverview Closure Steering committee is now in place to oversee the transfer and closure activities over the next 24 months, including the human resources plan and supports.
A physician resource planning team is also now in place.
Clinical managers and community transfer coordinators from Riverview have now joined the health authority planning teams to help inform the planning of patient care services at the replacement facilities.
The Community Transfer Team is preparing for the transfer of 30 adult rehab patients from Riverview (Hillside and D2) to Detweiller [sic. Detwiller Pavilion (map) (Red-Book) ] - UBC in January 2011.

Human resources information and supports:

Health authorities are in the process of identifying staff and physician service levels and mix for all the Riverview replacement facilities in the Lower Mainland.
We anticipate that we will have further information on employment opportunities for all locations by September 2010.
Job postings for Detweiller[sic. Detwiller. ] are expected by Sept. 20, 2010.

A Riverview Staff Survey was distributed to the units in June. This information will be very helpful for Human Resources to identify how many staff are interested in re-employment, retirement or other options.
Offerings of career transition services and supports are going forward over the summer. Watch for dates and details on resume writing, interview skills and career planning.

What you can do:

Maintaining quality patient care is always our top priority.
The transfers to the health authorities and closure of Riverview may be stressful for patients, families and staff members—consult with your manager on how best to respond to questions you may be getting from patients, families or other staff members.
Discuss your employment and career planning questions with Human Resources or with your manager.

Watch for updates and direct any questions about the project to the Patient Relations Advisor, Jake Adrian at 604-524-7206.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

After the fire in Pennington Hall, the Tuck Shop was re-located into space used by the apparel shop in the Industrial Services building,(ID). It now seems that there was more to the recent library closing, in the Henry Esson Young building, (HEY) than what it seems.

The library is going to be turned into a Tuck Shop, social centre for the residents, moving from the Industrial Services building,(ID), where it has been since the fire in Pennington Hall, which seems to be totally written off by the powers that be, with no attempt at restoration.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Riverview Hospital Legacy Book; now available. Cypress Lodge, opened

Riverview Hospital Legacy Book: To purchase a book,or to get more information, contact Joy Day at (604) 524-7172 or E-Mail

The $25 price includes tax and is to recover the cost of printing. This price is for pick-up orders only. Please call or e-mail for information about picking up your book.

Sold Out! but more are being printed.

If you want a book mailed to you, there will be an additional charge of $10 for mailing within BC.

Payment is by personal cheque only. Please make cheques payable to BCMHAS,(BC Mental Health & Addiction Services.)

Cypress Lodge, has been officially opened; from the Tri-City News: New mental health facility opened reads like the official Fraser Health media release.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fire at Pennington Hall

UPDATED: Crews fight fire on Riverview Hospital grounds

Riverview blaze called suspicious

Will add more information as it becomes available, this is will be a serious loss to the social community of the site. Since it contains a gym, tuck shop, small cafe, computer access for the residents, generally the social hub of the site.
Update March 6,: At the family meeting that the hospital hosts monthly. They were told that the building is not going to be fixed, it has been totally boarded up, which will just hasten the disintegration, by trapping the moisture. To add insult to injury, staff removed the bronze dedication plaque for the building, in a rather rough way.

March 17: I heard tonight that the library is also being shut down, unknown how they are going to continue to provide this valuable service. The library provides services to the entire medical community of the Province, including the residents. The collection consists of some materials found nowhere else.
March 23: Library shut down end of March, further details; HEY library closes

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forty-four "new" beds at Riverview

Government at work.....


Slightly more information.
February 10: New program doesn’t mean a new future for Riverview

Apparently they moved the remaining residents out of Leeside, about a week ago. And replaced them with these "new" clients. $500,000 to fix them up, ?? gold faucets?

Save the Riverview Hospital lands

The Riverview Hospital lands, are under pressure to be developed into market housing. Help to save the lands as a healing sanctuary for the mentally ill of OUR Province.

Please join the Riverview Horticultural Centre Society,( RHCS ) Facebook page. Twitter too!

Please sign the On-line petition or download a Word document petition ,which is a more official type of petition.
Blogs, about the hospital grounds
Mike Farnworth,MLA; Facebook forum " Protect the Riverview Lands"
And another Facebook group: Riverview Preservation Society
this group also has a petition to sign.

Click-able Map of the Riverview site

BISCO -- Brookside-Leeside-Roadside -- Centre Lawn -- Colony Farm
Crease Clinic -- East Lawn -- Essondale Hospital
Finnie's Garden -- Henry Esson Young -- Hillside unit
Home for the Aged-Valleyview -- North Lawn
Nurses homes -- Pennington Hall -- TreeFest -- West Lawn
John Davidson; "Botany John" blog. He was the first Provincial Botanist, who created British Columbia's first Botanical Garden at Riverview.
Other groups involved Riverview Horticultural Centre Society
Who also have a media NEWS Blog
You can also download a 42 page report titled, For the future of Riverview created by the Riverview Task Force.
Or Burke Mountain Naturalists, report: The Riverview Hospital Site, Respecting its Past,Realizing its Future
Coquitlam has designated the buildings and grounds, as a heritage site.
Download the Statement of Significance; SoS report PDF

Tour through the grounds

Paul Buikema, of Progress Landscaping, created this video.

Treefest 2011 slideshow

A slideshow of images from the Tree festival of 2011. Created in HD. Enjoy.

Riverview trees

Finnie's Garden -- slideshow

Finnie's Garden -- Pond restoration slideshow

TreeFest -- slideshow